Content Strategy and Analysis

A content marketing strategy is a plan for creating, promoting, and maintaining marketing content that is designed to engage and acquire your targeted audience.

Launching your content marketing efforts without a marketing strategy is like building a new neighborhood without a single blueprint. The result is a collection of potentially valuable assets that lack the plan, organization, and purpose necessary to become meaningful.

A Strategy For Ongoing, Measurable Success

The first step in your content marketing journey with Totality Content begins with the analysis of your company’s existing content and future goals.

The analysis is quickly followed by the creation of a blueprint that identifies exactly how we should create and promote content that will continually strengthen your business. This strategy session makes it possible to implement a content marketing plan that delivers real, measurable results. 

Depending on your specific business needs, your analysis and strategy session might include the following phases. 

 Analysis Of Market and Industry

The following blog and article formats are designed to draw more visitors to your site, boost your search engine rankings, and strengthen your position as an industry leader

Persona Development

Profiles of your desire clients and their specific needs and interests. We use these buyer personas to determine how your content should most efficiently attract them to your company.

Keyword Research

Using data to evaluate the keywords that produce your strongest search engine rankings as well as the keywords that need more attention to build your rankings.

This will help us identify opportunities based on search volume and current trends. We will then use those keywords to craft clickable headlines.

 Content Audit and Ideation

During your content audit, we will take an inventory of all of your existing website content (trust us, you have way more than you think!). The next step is a comprehensive analysis that identifies every piece of content that needs to be removed, merged, updated, and freshly created. This audit ensures that in addition to creating new content to support your marketing endeavors, we also tackle the existing content to shed dead weight and elevate pieces that can encourage leads. 

Following the audit, we will generate relevant, timely, and engaging topics to resonate with your target audience and buyer personas. This content ideation will guide our efforts moving forward. 

 Editorial Calendar

Finally, we will create an editorial calendar that maps out your company’s content production plan on a weekly and monthly basis. This includes the title of content pieces, descriptions, recommended formats, goal alignment, target audience, recommended publication date, website location, and promotion strategies. This calendar will ensure structure, purpose, organization, and strategic planning to achieve the best results. 

Get Your Content Marketing Rolling

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