Content Reporting

Keep your published content fresh, relevant, accurate with content maintenance. 

You want to see the results of your content marketing efforts. This is why we provide in-depth measurement and analysis on a regular basis. We share this information with you and then use it to adjust and enhance our content marketing strategies to best serve your business.

The measurement process begins by setting goals and then tracking the information that properly indicates the success of those goals. Key performance indicators(KPIs) will include the following:

  • Traffic to your site: number of sessions, page views, number of visitors
  • Engagement on site: time on page, bounce rate, social shares, comments on blog
  • Brand awareness: inbound links, new visits, social media reach
  • Conversions: email sign-ups, lead captures, asset downloads

Our measurement and analysis data will help your business visualize its content marketing ROI and identify areas for future growth. Totality Content will always work with you to support and generate the best results.

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