Content Creation

This is where the magic happens! Relevant, unique, engaging content holds infinite power.
This is why we place such an emphasis on writing real content, not dime-a-dozen blogs that you can find anywhere. We craft deeply researched, customized, SEO-optimized content in many different forms, from in-depth thought leadership posts to comprehensive guides and infographics, to ensure your readers continue to come back for more. 

Content That Delivers.

Every Time.

Once your content strategy is finalized, your team of content extraordinaires at Totality Content will produce customized content and make it the cornerstone of your marketing campaigns. Every piece of content that we write is unique to your company and designed to achieve your specific goals.

We firmly believe that content should take many different forms because, after all, your target audience members consume information in a variety of ways. This is why we will never churn out ten 300-word blogs a month and claim to have done justice to your content marketing.

The content that we offer falls into a few different categories, all of which are designed to fully engage your target audience, generate leads, and convert leads into sales.


 Additive Blog and Article Formats

The following blog and article formats are designed to draw more visitors to your site, boost your search engine rankings, and strengthen your position as an industry leader

Industry Link Long-Form Articles
(Approximately 1,500 words )

These long-form content pieces are under-utilized by most businesses. Curating a collection for your own company will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Industry link articles include quotes from at least three industry experts on the given topic. We strategically select experts with large social media followings to

Thought Leadership Long-Form Articles
(Approximately 2,000 words)

These extra-long pieces of content are painstakingly developed with heavy SEO keyword focus to build your credibility as an industry expert while also targeting new customers. Long-form posts are known to passively generate leads on a daily basis since they offer useful and highly sought after information. In fact, posts with at least 2,000 words generate the most organic traffic and offer the most significant SEO results.

List Blog
(Approximately 1,000 words)

Readers eagerly consume list blogs because they are fascinating, shareable, and clickable. We use list blogs to encourage engagement and make it even more likely for your business brand to spread like wildfire through cyberspace.

Observation Posts
(Approximately 300-600 words)

These shorter, more traditional blogs provide valuable observations about subjects that customers and target audience members find useful.  They are easy to read and digest, visually appealing, and captivating.

 SEOOptimized Website Copy

Website pages include your homepage, services, company profile, landing pages, and other content that defines your company’s “real estate” in cyberspace.

Search engines like Google and Bing analyze every crumb of your website copy to determine your search rankings, so writing SEO-optimized website copy is no longer just an option… it is one of the integral keys to your momentum and success.

Our in-house writers specialize in crafting SEO-optimized website copy that will help you rank higher in search engine results and attract more visitors to your site. We study and refine techniques that are proven to deliver tangible, measurable results so that every page on your website functions as an important resource.

We will build your website copy from the ground up, revise your current site content, or anything in between.

 Content Assets

Content assets go far beyond your standard blog content. These assets are highly promotable and function as a cornerstone of your content marketing efforts. The topics covered in content assets are intensely relevant, which makes it possible to continue using them to generate leads and build your brand authorities for years. The content assets that your company can utilize include any of the following:

  • Videos: Used on your website and/or social media to entertain or solve a problem
  • Cheat sheets: Used as a reference tool to provide instructions on a specific topic relevant to your industry or business.
  • Guides and handbooks: A shorter version of an e-book used to help someone complete a task, develop a strategy, form an opinion, make a decision, and more.
  • Ebooks: Longer publications (15,000 words+) in digital form that are used to teach your audience about a specific concept or practice.
  • Infographics: A visual representation of engaging information with strategic links back to your website and social media accounts.   

Get Your Content Rolling

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